Friday, 18 January 2013

Getting Ready--Turtle Up

Turtle Up—I’m always shocked to see the many expensive soft bags coming off the baggage belt at the airport.  I advise all luggage be the hard-shell type.  Airlines twice have left my luggage on the tarmac in the rain—ruining several good suits.  Although you can be reimbursed, the process is cumbersome and the odds of satisfactory settlement are against the traveler. 

Like spare tires, making sure you have spare suitcases in case that zipper quits just before you are due at the airport.
While some travelers insist on carrying onto the plane all that they will need for the trip, I’ve found that it is actually quite rare that the airlines completely lose your luggage.  Don’t be afraid to check luggage, but inexpensive travel insurance protection against loss, damage, or theft might be a wise option.
If you must carry on, be prepared to deal with wrinkled clothes on arrival.  Some clothing stores, e.g., Brooks Brothers, offer wrinkle-free clothing for business travelers.  Seasoned travelers will know the trick of hanging these items in the hotel bathroom and letting a hot shower run for a few minutes—the steam eliminates all but the toughest wrinkles.
Choose a style and color of luggage easily identifiable on the baggage belt.  And don’t lose the claim ticket—some airports will ask to see the ticket as you leave baggage claim.


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