Friday, 18 January 2013

Getting Ready--Passing Port

Passing Port—Make sure your passport is valid.  Make sure you leave the house with your passport in your possession.  I drove all the way to Charlotte, NC from Columbia, SC (about 1-and-a-half hours) to catch a flight to Barbados, only to find I had left my passport back home in Columbia!  If taking an international flight, be at the airport at least two hours before departure.  Sweep through your home to ensure utilities have been turned off.  Don’t announce on social networking sites or phones that you are traveling.  Long-term parking can be expensive—have a friend or colleague drive you to the airport or take a cab.  If your final destination requires a visa, make sure your name is spelled correctly on the visa, matching the name on your plane ticket and passport.   One Chinese visa was issued to a Richard H. Marrill.  I always use the express service with visas, which provides ample time to correct errors.       


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